Surge Supressor

Surge Protection

Most homes are now filled with expensive electronic equipment such as Flat screen TVs, computers, tablets, etc. Microchips and circuit boards are in almost every appliance in the house from the refrigerator to the washing machine. (INCLUDING YOUR GENERATOR) If it has a digital readout it has a circuit board. All these products are extremely susceptible to electrical spikes and surges. The typical home experiences hundreds of electrical spikes and surges per year. Of these, lightning produces the most destructive power disturbance. More than 2000 thunderstorms are in progress globally at any one time, producing over 100 lightning strikes per second to earth.

Most home owners trust a $9 to $50 surge strip to protect the thousands $$$ invested in their electronic appliances. The fact is, these surge strips are not capable of suppressing a powerful surge caused by lightning. Although there is no  man-made product that can protect a home against a direct lightning strike, the Power Pro from NEVER DARK, installed at the panel box, is your best first line of defense against any intruding surge trying to make its way into your home.

The Power Pro is a state of the art, top of the line product on the market today. Most suppressors you will buy, even for panel box installation, are only good for one surge and they burn up with you not even being aware that you are no longer protected. The Power Pro comes with an added feature of a LED light that you can check with a quick glance after a thunderstorm, giving you peace of mind that your home is still protected.

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