Power Filter

Power Filter/Stabalizer

The Power Pro captures incoming unwanted surges from your utility provider. It filters and stabalizes your power for a more uniform and steady voltage consistency which helps increase the life of all electrical motors (AC, refrigerators, well pumps) as well as all the sensitive electronic circuitry that we all have in our homes paying for this product on a daily basis.


High Voltage Pole Mount Capacitor

The capacitors your power company uses (pictured above) to correct their power factors. When the power factor is corrected, the demand is reduced. The electric meter on your home that your power company reads is a demand meter. With the Power Pro, you can reduce demand and legally slow down your meter simply by making the motors in your home more efficient.

Your electric company has used this technology for 70+ years to correct their power factors. Why would your power company spend tens of thousands of dollars adding capacitor banks to their grids if this technology doesn’t work? BECAUSE THIS TECHNOLOGY DOES WORK!

If you look in your neighborhood at the power poles, for approximate every 50 transformers, you will notice a capacitor banks like the one pictured above correcting the power factor of the transformers in your neighborhood.

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