Selecting a Generator System

How much backup power do you need?Selecting the Right Generator

NEVER DARK will come out to your home for a free site survey to determine your electrical loads for a whole house generator system. We can also give you all your options on generator sizing if you only want to run essential circuits during an outage such as, well pump, heat/AC, refrigerator, lights, tv, internet, etc. These air-cooled 15 KW – 17 KW – 20 KW models are the most popular models that most people choose because of the economical price, as well as the small footprint in the yard. We simply match the circuits from your homes panel box to the automatic transfer switch to customize your power needs.

NEVER DARK also has the capability to customize your system with load shed technology, a smart box that monitors power usage and knows how much power from the generator is still available, allowing other none essential loads to come on-line, or that second large AC unit in a two zone house.

NEVER DARK also has the new Gen-Ready panel box for new construction, or during an electrical service upgrade. It’s a standard size panel box, with the transfer switch built right into it making the home generator ready. The generator can be purchased and installed at a later date with out any retrofitting saving you money later on the installation of the generator.

This allows you to help keep your home, belongings, and family safe and secure even during a prolonged outage. Think of the alternatives without a NEVER DARK Home Standby Generator.

Need more power?

Our liquid-cooled models provide from 18,000 – 150,000 watts for your home or business needs.

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