Surge Protection






  • Stop surges up to 2000 joules

  • Clean harmonics throughout the entire home

  • Captures spikes and stores them for other large loads

  • Re-issues the stored spikes during start up the of next large load

  • Reduced electric bill year round by 8% – 23%

  • Extended life of all appliances throughout the entire home

The power pro system is the state of the art multipurpose product SURGE SUPRESSOR as well as a POWER FILTER/STABILIZER and a ENERGY SAVER all in one unit saving you money for the purchase as well as the installation. The power pro system then begins saving you money the day it is installed whether by saving you electrical motors and all sensitive circuitry, as well as saving you on your electric bill each and every month.

The power pro system is designed to suppress and capture incoming unwelcome surges from your electrical company. The power pro also filters and stabilizes your power for a more uniform and steady voltage consistency that helps to increase the life of your motors (AC, refrigerators, well pump, etc.) as well as all your sensitive electronics(TVs Computers, Tablets, smart phones,as well as all the appliances, from the refrigerator to the washing machine) If it has a digital display it has a circuit board, which is everything in your home except the old wind up clock.

Everyone has either experienced a surge or knows someone that has. Your home owners insurance will cover your losses to a surge, but the inconvenience of having to throw all your food away, can’t do laundry, have to purchase new phones lost contact lists, and don’t forget how much you stand to lose if your computer is fried. Not having to experience this senario is well worth the cost of The Power Pro. Your insurance deductible is most likely close to the cost of The Power Pro as well.