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Briggs & Stratton Home Generator Systems

The smartest and quietest generator on the market

The Briggs & Stratton from NEVER DARK is making backup power more affordable with the Symphony® II Power Management system. As the most customizable Power Management system (LOAD SHEDDING) on the market, this standby generator technology provides your family unprecedented peace of mind and protection during a power outage.

What Symphony® II Does

Symphony® II Power Management automatically balances the electrical load of your SECONDARY home appliances— including high-wattage items like air conditioning units, electric stoves and electric dryers — to ensure your family experiences uninterrupted, whole-house power with a more affordable standby generator.

The Symphony® II Power Management system Never sheds your primary circuits such as refrigerators, lights, water pump, main heating / AC These circuits always work under generator power, just secondary large loads can possibly shed. Your whole house will work, you just can’t use everything all at the same time. If you try to it will automatically shed out the lowest priority to allow the higher priorities which are determined by you the homeowner.

EXAMPLE: The generator is up and running. The whole house is on, you have 3 AC units running, and you turn on the oven. The 3rd AC unit sheds off, and the oven comes on. When you shut the stove off the 3rd AC cycles back on all automatically.

How You Save with Symphony® II

With the Symphony® II Power Management, you can purchase a smaller, more affordable home generator system that still provides whole-house backup power. With Symphony® II Power Management, you’ll benefit from:

  • Your reduced initial investment
  • Lower fuel usage
  • Lower generator installation costs
  •  Lower maintenance costs

How Symphony® II Works

Symphony® II Power Management lets you power up to eight SECONDARY high-wattage appliances based on your family’s specific power needs. It then manages the distribution of power from the backup generator to those appliances — automatically. Don’t worry about overloading the system because load management ensures the generator won’t overload so that your family can continue with its daily routine uninterrupted.

Additionally, the Symphony® II Power Management transfer switch is wired into your home’s existing wiring, where it monitors your home’s electrical circuits, so you save on generator installation cost.

Briggs & Stratton offers Automatic Home Generators that provide permanent, backup protection for your home, and your family. With over 100 years of delivering reliable power products to homeowners, we ARE the Power Experts. Briggs & Stratton gives you the peace of mind to take charge. Before the power goes out. Making sure you are never in the dark.

Briggs & Stratton Models

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