Life Without Power

Life Without Power No MoreThe power is out again… are you ready for:

No heat or air conditioning It’s getting cold in your home
No well water. Can’t flush the toilets or take a shower
City water You have water, but hope you don’t have a pump-up septic backing up.
No home security system, Cordless phones useless. Your system that made you feel safe and secure…now you’re in the dark without that secure feeling.
No TV or Internet Kids driving you crazy – no video games or TV. No conducting business over the internet.
Refrigerated and frozen food spoiling Never mind the milk, how about the freezer in the basement – you could loose all that food, and think about the mess to clean up.
Sump pump- it’s raining cats and dogs.  Now is not the time for the sump pump not to be working…especially if you own a weekend home and it’s not protected, or you’re away from home on vacation. No heat-pipes freeze.  When the power does come back on, water starts shooting everywhere, the pump just keeps pumping, drywall ceilings falling, wood floors buckling, carpet a giant sponge.

This loss of power could be very damaging and expensive!

When the power goes out…YOU are in control with a NEVER DARK Home Standby Generator. And…since your generator is completely automatic, you don’t have to do anything. Don’t take your power for granted. Reserves of electricity have dropped to critical levels. Over the next few years, outages are expected to increase…along with the demand for electricity …. leaving you and your home at greater risk.

Control your power with a NEVER DARK Automatic Home Standby Generator.