The Never Dark Advantage

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20KW Guardian Generator from Never Dark

Briggs and Stratton Generators

Call NEVER DARK for a turnkey price Shop around from electrical contractors, heating and air companies, the internet, or the big home warehouse
Sizing   NEVER DARK works with you for your electrical needs as well as your budget   INCLUDED Sizing    Ask the 18 year old kid on aisle 9 or try to figure out circuits and amperage from your appliances and charts, or call a licensed electrician.
Location   NEVER DARK works with you on a site survey   INCLUDED Location    Ask the kid on aisle 9 or try to figure it out for yourself (must meet all local building codes)
Sales   NEVER DARK  gives you a turnkey price with no hidden charges. Sales   The lowest price, just to get you to buy it from them
Shipping   INCLUDED Shipping   EXTRA of course, because they used the lowest price to hook you
Delivery   INCLUDED Delivery   EXTRA of course, and it will be left sitting in the driveway.
Pad Setup   INCLUDED Pad Setup   EXTRA You have to level out the area (hope you picked the right location), or pour a concrete pad yourself, or call 8 concrete contractors and see how many even show up for your “free estimate”.
Set generator on pad     INCLUDED Set generator on pad  EXTRA It’s sitting out in your driveway and weighs over 500 lbs,
Electrical   INCLUDED Electrical  EXTRA call 8 or 10 electricians. You might finally get 1 at what ever price they feel like charging you (many electricians have never done a generator system)
Gas  we handle all coordination with the gas company of your choice.  INCLUDED Gas  EXTRA call around and get on their schedule, at whatever price they feel like charging you. (this will give you plenty of time to get it out of the driveway).
Start-up  NEVER DARK has done a complete electrical diagnostic and run the test on all the safety features. Explained the entire system to you. Ran a simulated outage for you, and answered any and all questions. Start-up  EXTRA well you finally got the electrician but he’s not starting it, you finally get the gas company there but he’s not starting it. Call the electrician back and pay him to read the manual.
Maintenance  NEVER DARK offers service, maintenance agreements and can be counted on to make sure your system is always ready to protect your family and home. Maintenance  EXTRA who do you call? The electrician or the gas company, neither one knows how to work on the system. How about that kid from aisle 9?
Warranty  NEVER DARK is your local factory  authorized dealer, giving you the piece of mind that all factory required criteria has been met for your system. We get paid from the factory for any warranty issuesYOU WILL NEVER SEE A BILL Warranty  Hopefully whoever you had doing the installation did everything correctly, including safety features, and voltages, and you can prove to the factory that all required maintenance has been done.